Fees are taken from the final sale price of the item (all fees charged V.A.T @ 20%)

If your item sells for over £30, you get 70% (less V.A.T) of the final sale price.

Should your item sell for less than £30, a fixed fee of £10 will be charged to cover our processing costs.

Motor Vehicles:

For motor vehicles, we charge a non-refundable administration fee of £50, reserve price included. If the vehicle sells, our commission is the higher of £100 or 5% of the sale price.


Example: your item sells for £100.00

1st £100.00 = £30.00

Total Commission = £30.00 + V.A.T.

You will receive £64.00


Terms & conditions

Goods/articles remaining unsold are to be removed by the Vendor

All sold and unsold lots {excluding those agreed to be entered again}must be removed within 14 days after the auction closes. After this a storage charge will be made{see charges section}

Goods not removed within three weeks will be auctioned without reserve price and any storage charge due deducted accordingly or donated to Worldwideauctions.org's chosen charity

Charges - Withdrawn lots 5 per lot - Storage charges 10 per uncollected lot per day or part thereof

Let us pick up your item(s) from anywhere in the UK with our reduced Parcel Force rates.

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